Casa dos Cregos, in the region of Deza, is the magical place where you can enjoy a unique holiday, coming alone or with your family. We are animal lovers, so your pets will be equally welcome.


Nestled between chestnut, oak and pine forests, next to the Ulla, Deza and Toxa rivers, there are waterfalls and regattas a step away from the House, being only 28 km from the city of Santiago. The estate mixes in that special magic megalithic culture, castros, Romanesque monasteries, pazos, gastronomy, and, of course, the “camiño Mozàrabe of Ourense-Camino de Santiago” that runs along the “Via de la Plata”.


It is a unique space where you can disconnect while walking through a garden full of flowers and trees of great size and relax with the sounds of the fountain or the pond where the newt or “pintafonte” lives, an endemic species that can only live in the purest waters. You can hear the birds singing and rest under white cotton sheets in well-kept rooms with thick stone walls, large windows and furniture that preserves the original style of the house.